Gulf Trust Federal Credit Union

Mission Statement:
“To Serve the Members’ Financial Needs in the Most Convenient Way Possible”

In early 1972 a group of employees of the Singing River Hospital and the Ocean Springs Hospital gathered to discuss forming a credit union for the purpose of providing economical savings and loans to fellow co-workers and families. The State of Mississippi granted them a charter and the J C Hospital System Employees Credit Union was born. Employees now had financial opportunities some had never been given.

With the support of Singing River Hospital, the first credit union office was located in their facility. Members began to achieve their financial goals reaping the benefits of the credit union philosophy of “People Helping People.” In 1983 the credit union was growing and purchased its own “mobile” office. By 1995 with the addition of new products and services the J C Hospital System Employees Credit Union had grown to $6.8 Million in assets and 3,032 members. The need for space was evident and operations moved into a larger building on the hospital premises. By 2003 the credit union had grown to $12.9 Million and gained complete financial independence by purchasing its own building located at 2533 Denny Ave, Pascagoula, MS where present operations are conducted. This move allowed the addition of a drive up and placement of an ATM along with additional office space.

In 2015 the Board of Directors sought the recommendation of our members to adopt a simpler name to reflect our locality and its financial strength. With an overwhelming majority vote, the membership chose the name Gulf Trust Credit Union. Today, the employees and families of the Singing River Health System and other Select Employee Groups (SEGs) within the healthcare industry enjoy many benefits of a full-service financial institution.

Gulf Trust is governed by the Rules and Regulations of the Federal Credit Union Act and other laws related to the finance industry. It is a non-profit, democratically controlled organization where the membership elects the Board of Directors, Supervisory & Credit Committees. These unpaid volunteers dedicate many hours to ensuring their fellow members are provided superior products and services.

NCUA Insured Accounts
The National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the United States government, operates the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF) to protect accounts at Gulf Trust Credit Union up to $250,000. This applies to each shareowner for each account ownership category. No member of a federally insured credit union has ever lost money that was covered. Additional information can be obtained from our office.

The Board of Directors are responsible for establishing policies by which the credit union operates and the general management of affairs, funds, and records. Your current Board of Directors are:

Shun Johnson – President, Randy Sanders – Vice-President, Alton Delancey – Treasurer, Karen Poole – Secretary, Lee Guy – Director, Leigh Boutwell – Director, Janice Debose – Director

The Supervisory Committee is the auditing body of the credit union and is responsible for ensuring that accurate financial records are kept. They may be contacted via US mail at P O Box  1197,  Pascagoula, MS 39568. Your current Supervisory Committee members are:

Karen Poole – Chairman, Cindy Seymour, David Lowery, Robin Harrell, Sheila Bishop

The Credit Committee has the responsibility of reviewing loan applications and recommending loan policy changes to the Board. Your current Credit Committee members are:

Janice Debose – Chairman, Delorise Nettles, Sheila Little

 You’ll Enjoy Saving where you’re a MEMBER OWNER,

 Not just a Customer!